VIDEO: Teaching and Talking To Kids About Politics 2016

The 2016 election cycle is giving a lot of people heartburn, especially parents left with the daunting task of explaining the constant controversies, the name calling and questionable “adult” language to their kids.

A local tv segment from KARE 11 out of Minnesota/Minneapolis does a great job on highlighting how the current political situation is both a challenge and an opportunity for parents. Reporter Karla Hult talks to adorable kids, and their grandpa,  Psychologist Dr. David Walsh for expert advise on how to best tackle the situation.

“I feel like it puts parents in a position, we want to encourage political interest and awareness in our children but we want to discourage bully behavior,” says Hult while asking Dr. Walsh the best way to talk to kids about politics.

One of the answers “role modeling”: WATCH


from KARE 11:

“There’s actually an opportunity, a good civics lesson so to speak, to help them understand. The lowest form of argument is what is technically called argumenta mum ad hominem; when you don’t have anything else to say, then attack,” said Walsh.

Walsh suggests parents contrast the petty in politics with what could be.

“How do you disagree about ideas in a way that is respectful? Because disagreeing is fine. We don’t all agree about everything and we shouldn’t all agree about everything. That’s how we come up with solutions. We take different points of view and we compromise,” advised Walsh.


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