Elections 2016 impacting baby names?

Apparently the non-stop news coverage on the 2016 presidential campaign is having an impact on baby names. According to BabyCenter.com, parents are taking inspiration from the presidential hopefuls and their families. Some of the 2016 trends include:

Some people love the Clintons:

Many are naming their baby girls Hillary, the name (and all spelling variations) is up 142 % from 2015, presumably given now Hillary is the first woman ever to be the nominee for the Democratic party. Former president Bill saw his name go up 113%. Not bad for the former president. The name of their daughter, and new mom of two, Chelsea is up 18%.

Other parents are feeling “The Bern”, the name Bernie is up 918 point on babycenter but Bernard is down 62%.

Make Baby Names Great Again:

There won’t be a YUGE bump in kids name Donald in America, but the name did have a small, but impressive increase by 8% over last year. Melania is ranked #1818 in Nameberry, but a variation of the name, the more traditional Melanie is always popular. The big winner here is Ivanka, who name is up 620 points since 2015.

Ted is up 66 points, while the names Marco, Jeb, John, Bobby, Rick and Chris are all down form 2015. Maybe in a throwback to 2012, the name Mitt is up 3,051 points on Babycenter from 2015.





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