Mom Sends Christmas Card With A Strong Message, And It Goes Viral

One Kansas mom wanted this year’s Christmas card to have a bigger impact than filling it with the standard “Merry Christmas” greetings. According to Refinery29,  Whitney Roberts Logan spoke to her family and they decided to send out a card that reads,”This Christmas season we would like to remind everyone that Jesus was a Middle Eastern refugee.”



“I couldn’t bring myself to say something like, ‘Wishing you and yours a blessed season and a happy new year!'” she told Refinery29. “I thought it would be insincere and out of touch and pretty disconnected from the actual message in the Christmas story itself.”

Since the Roberts Logan posted the card online it has received over 175,000 likes.

When asked why they decided to send a card with such a strong political message, the Roberts Logan said it was “not only an opportunity to create conversations, but also to educate others about the refugee crisis.”

“I hope that if people want to, they turn their attention to the Syrian refugee crisis,” she said. “I want this to be more than a thought-provoking meme.”

Read the full story at Refinery29:

Interested in helping the people in the City of Aleppo and throughout Syria, here are nine charities –> How Can I Help People in Aleppo? 9 Charities Working to Provide Food, Shelter, Medicine and Eduction To Syrians




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